May 7, 2018

I don't want better goal kicking accuracy in the AFL

Update: There is far less of a relationship between goal accuracy and margin than originally published - I’ve fixed the error in code below which was using Away.Points instead of Away.Behinds in calculating goal-kicking accuracy. Today I practice ggplot2 and investigate skills in the AFL. The #AFLWonkWednesdays week 2 topic is; What is going on with skills? There has been a lot of chatter about the quality of skills and goal kicking in the AFL of late. Read more

April 16, 2018

2018 Makeover Monday Visualisations

I use Makeover Monday to try new visual techniques in R and Tableau. Week 16 Zambia Southern Province Confirmed Malaria Cases Week 15 Arctic Sea Ice Tableau version. Week 14 Wine Production New techniques used: dplyr::lag to add lag variables and calculate change over time and scale_color_manual for palette Feedback: Need to add some plain English description of what the chart is showing (the x variable is potentially confusing) Read more

April 15, 2018

Learning about kicking in the AFL

Today I’m going to have a look at kicking statistics in one of the greatest games on Earth, which is of course Australian Rules Football. library(tidyverse) # For everything library(ggthemes) # For some prettier themes Data Big thanks to DFSAustralia for the script that helped me pull this from AFL Tables. d <- read_csv("data/afl_stats_2018.csv") glimpse(d) ## Observations: 1,188 ## Variables: 22 ## $ YR <int> 2018, 2018, 2018, 2018, 2018, 2018, 2018, 2018, 20. Read more

March 12, 2018

Basic setup with R

This is my basic setup for using R. If you follow this guide you will be able to collaborate with me easily. I have kept things as simple as possible, this is more of a checklist than a detailed how-to guide covering every nuance. Here are the steps; Install R Install R Studio Create a GitHub account Install GitHub Desktop Set up a project Install R Go here for Windows. Read more

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